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International Students Won the Silver Medal2015-12-24 15:28:00

The 2015 Hanghzou cheerleading Invitational tournament, held by Hangzhou Wen Guang Group and Social Development Bureau of Xiasha Economic Development Zone, ended successfully in the gymnasium of ZhejiangSci-tecUniversity. About 360 participants from 31 different teams brought a visual feast for audiences.
Cheerleading is a kind of new arising sport which is loved by lots of people. It requires that every team member should perform skillful cheerleading moves in order, show their positive team spirit and pursue team honor.
Directed by the teacher Yang Rongbin, Maria Dorokhova and other 10 international students of ZUST trained hard before the tournament. Every team member prepared well and participated in the competition with full confidence. When dancing on the stage, they performed difficult moves with high quality and showed their elegant figure, which pushed the competition into a new high. Finally, our school team of Cheerleading reached a good result with total score of 90.5 and ranked No.2 among all teams.
Through this tournament, many college students fell in love with the Cheerleading. The youthful vigor and passion showed by all Chinese and international students deeply impressed us.

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