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3rd International Cultural Festival2015-12-29 15:31:00

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the founding of ZUST, the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Chinese-German Cooperation and the 3rd International Cultural Festival was held on the morning of Oct. 17th. Prof. Wang Jianhua, Chairman of University Council, Prof. Ye Gaoxiang, President of ZUST, Mr. Ulrich Schrewe, a foreign teacher of ZUST, and Malaq, an international student of ZUST, pressed the starting ball together to announce the opening of the celebration. Representatives of international students from over80 countries were present at the ceremony.
Apart from the 29 exotic booths, there was an exhibition showing the achievements of the 30-year Chinese-German cooperation. The dancing, music, foods and drinks provided by the international students attracted many people. It was like a small world expo where people could experience different cultures and customs in different parts of the world. And also, people could bring back home some special souvenirs.
At 2 pm, the celebration came to an end. The international students displayed the distinctive customs and cultures of their homeland within several hours. The International Cultural Festival has provided an opportunity for people from different cultures to better understand each other.

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