Shanghai World Expo promoted in Hangzhou2009-07-17 14:35:00

The promotion show was broadcast live from the so-called “city balcony” at the Qianjiang New City. The development mode of Hangzhou was introduced to the audience nationwide by Wang Guoping, member of the standing committee of CPC Zhejiang Committee and secretary of CPC Hangzhou Committee, and Cai Qi, mayor of Hangzhou. Zhang Jianting, deputy mayor of Hangzhou, announced the opening of the promotion week.
The one-week promotion activities started from June 17 in Shanghai and June 20 in Hangzhou. Taking the advantage of this opportunity, Hangzhou spared no efforts to participate in the World Expo in the coming year.
This live show called “Charming China Welcoming the World Expo” focused on the events that Hangzhou involved itself in the Shanghai Expo. The West Lake Expo held annually in Hangzhou also found the historical connections with the World Expo in the show. As one of the most favorable city development modes exhibiting the ideas Shanghai Expo has been pushing forward, Hangzhou’s “Harnessing Five Waters” Project best displays the life quality and taste of this ancient and modern city. The show also recollected the ten West Lake expos and the highlights of World Expos to boast the excellence the exhibition industry has brought to cities.
Broadcast mainly from the Qianjiang New City, live pictures were also shown from the West Lake, Xixi Wetland, Hefang Cultural Street and Shanghai Lupu Bridge to exhibit the quality life in Hangzhou of “Harnessing Five Waters” and the construction of the World Expo Park in Shanghai.
The live broadcast was shown on Shanghai Dragon TV, Hangzhou TV and some portal websites. The whole morning’s activity from 8:30 to 11:30 hopefully covered the audience nationwide and even from some foreign countries.

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