Local service project subsidized by national fund2015-06-11 12:39:00

The National Development and Reform Commission recently released the budget plan for the third batch of investment on the development of service sector to further boost the domestic consumption. The Research and Development Building for provincial science and technology start-ups which will be built in Jianggan District of Hangzhou is also on the national subsidizing list. The three-million subsidy will somehow ease its fund shortage.
Located in the Sci-Tech Park of Jianggan District, the building project marks the launch of the National University Sci-Tech Park. Contracted with Zhejiang University Sci-Tech Park Development Co., Ltd, this building will cover 8.17 acres with a total gross area of 89,430 square meters (the basement: 17,710 square meters). The total budget is 226 million RMB. 76 million has been loaned from the bank, but the gap is still huge. Besides the 3-million national subsidy, the local government will raise another 6 million. As the provincial major project, it was first approved by the provincial development and reform commission in April and will be started in this September.
This project will further improve the soft environment of Hangzhou’s sci-tech industry. It will become the signal architecture.

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