Hangzhou: On-job anti-corruption discipline for civil servants2009-07-20 10:40:00

The Implementation Plan of On-job Anti-corruption Discipline was issued yesterday for civil servant all around Hangzhou.
Personalized for different positions and people, this discipline plan is close to real life and interesting in itself. It transformed the anti-corruption education totally. As the six pilot spots that received this discipline training in 2008, the Municipal Construction Commission, Health Bureau, Environment Protection Bureau, Commerce and Industry Bureau, Xihu District and Fuyang Government engaged themselves in checking the corruption hazards and designing the on-job training teaching plans. The experiments done by these departments help provide valuable experience for further implementation in terms of contents, selection and approaches.
The discipline plan will be fully carried out in all governmental departments within two years. The training with Hangzhou’s characteristics will be incorporated in the general implementation plan of anti-corruption. Weaved through daily work, the working systems, supervision and punishment rules will be scrutinized. The training should be regular and the effects should be long-termed. For the staff who have just come to the new position, for the selection of cadres and for promotion, the discipline should always be compulsory. The training plan should be meticulously made and actively improved to ensure the effective outcome.

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