Silk and Women’s Clothing Industry Development in Hangzhou2009-07-21 10:41:00

Annual Meeting 2009 on Development of Silk and Female Clothing Industry was held on July 1. Wang Guoping, member of the standing committee of CPC Zhejiang Committee and secretary of CPC Hangzhou Committee, emphasized that Hangzhou should maintain and excel in silk and women’s clothing industry.
Hangzhou is competitive in these two industries and they have great influence on Hangzhou’s industrial development and employment. Under the global financial crisis, the preoccupation is market tapping. Traditional ways of market exploration must be carried forward through the expos, the cooperation between dealers and production enterprises and the launch of new products, when new operation should also be introduced like e-business and businesses opportunities conducted by guilds. The two industries must be further reformed and upgraded by supporting the strong enterprises, making the branding strategies, cultivating the talents and aligning with other relevant industries.
The Municipal Economic and Trade Commission reported the current situation of silk and women’s clothing development in Hangzhou.

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